Hi Beautiful! My name is Stephanie and I created this business for you! I'm so glad you're here. Now, I'll tell you how I got here. This website was born during the pandemic. I'm a digital marketing consultant and owner of a Los Angeles salon called Treat LA. 
If you ever had the chance to step into my salon you would have been greeted with fresh macaroons and champagne. I looked forward to seeing the same women constantly (and meeting  and Treating new ladies). I still call these women friends to this day.
Like most of us, the pandemic rocked me. I was forced to close my salon and sold everything inside. I was challenged to think about what I really wanted to do with my time and skillsets with the funds I recovered by selling everything down to the curtains. So, I landed here- providing beautiful things at affordable prices to girls just like me. I missed being able to connect with other women after closing my business and this venture has allowed me to connect with amazing women all over the country. With that said, I decided to keep the Treat name. Treat purchases (no matter how big or small) come with a gift personally picked out based on your purchase history. I enjoy looking through my inventory to pick out the perfect gift for each customer. 
I've been blown away by your support. Each order has given me hope and energy again. I vow to continue putting my personal touch on each package no matter how many orders come through. Although this last year was tough for all of us, I'm grateful to have found my forever job- Treating YOU!